Hi, I'm Kelle!

From the outside, I was checking all the boxes: I went to grad school, traveled the world for one of the top beauty companies, and kept a packed social calendar no matter which city I was in... I had even been a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, but I wasn’t fulfilled. And my body was sounding the alarm. I was bloated, my skin was a wreck, my racing mind made sleep impossible, so I was always exhausted. I just felt off, but even worse, I felt disconnected from my sense of purpose.

Deep down I knew that there was something more I was searching for. So, I made the hardest and most important decision of my life. I found the courage to pause, listen to my body and look for answers. My search brought me to Bali, and under the care of an Ayurvedic doctor.

I learned to reconnect with nature, began to work with plant medicines, eat a healthier diet and adopt new routines centered around balance like meditation and exercise. In the end, I never looked or felt better. Not only did my symptoms subside, but I was filled with more peace and clarity than I had ever felt in my life. In a short time, I transformed my entire understanding of the world and was able to create the life I had only dreamed of.

It is only when we have the space and support to tap into those deeper parts of ourselves that we’re able to manifest a life that fulfills us beyond our greatest expectations. But it takes courage, it takes support. And the fact that you find yourself here shows that you are already on your path.

Learning to incorporate these practices in my daily life has inspired me to connect with others who feel they are in the same situation I was in. Sharing my story and advocating for better health has brought me fulfillment, joy and passion in all aspects of my life. And I want you to experience the same.


Through our work together, you will be able to:


Improve your overall health and vitality

Create more meaningful relationships

Work towards identifying your higher purpose

Feel more in tune with your intuition

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