$47.00 USD

Awaken Your Inner Radiance: A 4-Part Kundalini Workshop for Karmic Shedding

Are you ready to shed the layers that no longer serve you and embrace a life filled with abundance, joy, and radiant energy?

The ASRI Wellness Awaken Your Inner Radiance Kundalini Workshop is your invitation to break free, cleanse, embrace, and radiate. Led by the Master Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Kelle Jacob, this transformative four-part series is more than just classes – it's a profound journey into self-mastery and personal evolution. The time is ripe to shed the layers that no longer serve you, step into your authentic self, and become a magnet for the abundance, confidence, and joy that await you. Join us on this soul-stirring adventure and awaken your inner radiance today. Your destiny is calling – will you answer?


In this workshop, you will enjoy specifically designed yoga practices and meditations to:

  • Dissolve Karmic Chains, Embrace Freedom

  • Cleanse Your Energy, Embrace Vitality

  • Embrace Your Inner Strength: Release Fears and Self-Doubt

  • Become a Magnet for Abundance, Love, and Success

Once you purchase, you will have lifetime access to these classes to use whenever you need to.  Don't miss this opportunity, grab your spot now!